Trace's Story | 2012 Kid Captain at Blank Children's Hospital

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Blank Children's Hospital


Minutes after Trace Kluver was born, he was rushed to the Blank Children's Hospital NICU where he had to be resuscitated at birth, as he oxygen supply had been cut off due to birth trauma. Trace suffered a brain injury and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

"Doctors wouldn't and couldn't predict if Trace would be able to talk, walk or learn at his appropriate age level," said Trace's mom, Christi.

For the past eight years, Trace has been visiting Blank Children's multiple times a week for various appointments and therapy.

"Trace is a fierce fighter who desperately wants to be independent," said Christi. "We try to help him stay as involved as possible."

Trace is progressing at a wonderful rate, and he remains joyful through it all. Christi says it's Trace's infectious personality that has everyone at Blank Children's wrapped around his finger.

"We are so blessed by the doctors, nurses, therapists, and Child Life specialists that have loved on Trace over the years," said Christi.

Christi believes Trace's journey has been a learning experience for the whole family.

"We celebrate every victory of his," said Christi. "This experience has taught our family to live in the present and enjoy what is going on today, because we don't know what tomorrow will bring."

Whatever tomorrow brings, Trace will be ready to meet it with his can-do attitude and a smile.

"Trace's life is not an easy one, but he brings inspiration to many with his sense of humor, determination and laughter," said Christi.

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