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Blank Children's Hospital


At Blank Children's Hospital, we have a dedicated Playroom for patients to enjoy while they are in the hospital. This is a place for patients to come, play, enjoy activities and have some fun. No medical procedures or exams take place in the Playroom - therefore it is a safe haven for children. It is one aspect of the child's hospitalization where s/he has some control of the hospital environment: a child can decide to come to the playroom and participate in special activities, free play or may choose not to come at all.

Safety Zone

This special place allows children to have an opportunity to socialize with other children who may share similar experiences. In addition, it is a place where children may choose from an array of activities: painting, coloring, games, puzzles, craft projects, music, making friends, or sitting and watching others play.

Perhaps the most unique thing about the Playroom is that once children walk through the door they know they are safe from all medical procedures, examinations, medications and especially needles! Remember a child's work is his/her play. However, we do invite doctors, nurses, therapists and other hospital staff, as well as parents and visitors to come in and observe, play or sit and talk with the children.


  • The Playroom is open to children who have been medically-cleared by their doctor or nurse. (For those who cannot come to the Playroom, the members of the Child Life staff are available to visit at the bedside and provide activities.)
  • Patients may enjoy the Playroom with Child Life staff and volunteers without the supervision of a family member.
  • All siblings using the Playroom need to be in good health.

Virtual Tour

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