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Blank Children's Hospital

Safety & Security

Please report any safety concern to the care team right away.

Checking In and Out

Doors to patient units at Blank Children’s Hospital are locked for safety. Parents and guests will need to check in and out at the front desk. Parents and guardians will receive a wristband to wear until your child goes home. Other family and guests will receive a name badge to wear.

Your child should stay in the room unless they are out with you or with a team member who has a UnityPoint Health photo name badge.

ID Band

Your child is given an ID band to wear. The band needs to stay on for safety until your child goes home.

Personal Items and Money

Please leave personal items that have value and money at home. Talk with a team member if you want us to place items in a safe place. The hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Electric Items

Tell your child’s care team if you brought an electric item such as a hair dryer or razor. For your safety, electric items need to be checked to be sure the cords are safe.


When oxygen is in use in the room, some electric items and spray products may not be safe to use. Check with your care team if you have questions.

Fire or Weather Alarms

If you hear a fire alarm (chimes or bells) or see flashing lights, please stay where you are. The care team will let you know if there’s anything for you to do. During an alarm, all fire doors will close. Do not use elevators.

Public Safety

Public Safety Officers are on the hospital campus 24 hours a day. The officers watch for and help with safety and security issues. They may also provide help such as escorting you to your car, jump starting your car, parking and maintaining the Lost and Found. If you need help, talk with your child’s nurse or call 16476 from a hospital phone.