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When dispatched by air, our Neonatal Transport Team and Pediatric Transport travel in LifeFlight. The ability to stabilize and transport patients as quickly as possible is critical, which is why LifeFlight and its crew can be instrumental during life-threatening situations.

Features of LifeFlight, an EC 145 made by Eurocopter:

  • Spacious cabin allows for full-patient access optimizing care delivery.
  • Ability to carry two patients or for a family member of a patient being transported.
  • Three crew seats to enable crew mix configuration to meet specific patient needs.
  • Powerful twin engines with maximum cruise speed of 167 miles per hour.
  • Modern glass cockpit with night vision goggle capability, terrain avoidance warning system and IFR capabilities allowing safer transport in various weather conditions.

LifeFlight Team

LifeFlight's medical personnel traveling with the Neonatal and Pediatric Transport teams are trained in critical care, advanced life support, pediatric and neonatal advanced life support and advanced airway management. Flight paramedics have received Pre-hospital Advanced Trauma Support training and all flight nurses have successfully completed a nationally recognized Flight Nurse Advanced Trauma Care Course. These combined skills are essential to evaluate and treat our patient's physical and psychological needs.

For more information about the LifeFlight team, courses and the Fly Along Program, visit the LifeFlight website.