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About UnityPoint Health

Know how much you matter to this world.

UnityPoint Health has a vision for health care, and it starts with you:  "Best outcome for every patient every time."

Our team of professionals communicates with you to clearly and effectively address your health care in the most appropriate setting: whether that is a clinic, a hospital or at home. Our 32,000 employees, including home care experts, our hospital teams and more than 1,100 doctors and specialists, focus on your care, your concerns and your health. We are constantly looking for better ways to work together to improve the way health care is delivered.

Your doctor takes the lead in your care.

Connecting with a doctor matters to you. Traditionally, it could be easy to lose that connection in the course of an illness or treatment. We are changing that by emphasizing the role of the physician, not just as a healer of individuals but also as a professional team leader. Our vision includes physician leaders who are able to elevate the quality of care for every patient, even for procedures or treatments that are being addressed by other physicians or health care professionals.

We describe our professional culture as "physician-led." This means that, ideally, your physician is not just contributing to your care, but is leading a team that surrounds you with care and includes you in decision-making. That way UnityPoint Health can be sure you get the care you need, whether it's accessing a specialist at the hospital, a home care professional, or health services in your community.

When you see a physician with UnityPoint Health, you receive the benefit of an entire team.

Our extensive network of professionals and technology has been designed around one point. You.

UnityPoint Health gives your family physician the resources to surround you with care, communications, resources and professionals coordinated around your individual needs. It is a team approach that treats you when you're sick, but also is designed to help you to stay healthy.