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Get ready for the road ahead with the Baby ABC's

Growing your family is exciting but it can come with plenty of questions. From pregnancy to labor and birth, all the way through the ups and downs of childhood, we are here to help. With provider tips on everything from staying fit during pregnancy to common baby ailments, baby baths, and feedings, get the information you need to help handle the little (and not so little) bumps along the way. 

It's all in the alphabet

Our Baby ABC series will help you navigate the months and years ahead – click on each letter of the alphabet to learn more!


A is for Allen

Learn everything about the Allen Birthing Center.

B is for Breastfeeding

Discover the benefits of breastfeeding and find out how to overcome challenges.

C is for CenteringPregnancy®

CenteringPregnancy® allows moms to experience the journey together and form lasting friendships. Find out how.

D is for Delivery

Did you know Allen Hospital has a C-section rate well below the national average? Learn all about our delivery stats! 

E is for Education

If being a new parent has you overwhelmed, we are here to help with educational classes for parents including labor and delivery and breastfeeding support.

F is for First Aid

Hear from Ann Swisher, ARNP at UnityPoint Pediatrics - Prairie Parkway, on identifying and treating common baby ailments such as diaper rash and colds, plus find out how to help choking infants.

G is for Growth

Find out what's ahead for your little one! Jeff Guse, ARNP at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - West Waterloo, explains common baby milestones such as sitting up, crawling, and walking. 

H is for Home

We are dedicated to keeping families close to home, all from day one. Learn more about the services, including pediatric therapy and pediatric cardiology, offered at UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics - Prairie Parkway

I is for Infant Care

Going back to work after baby can be stressful. Jeff Guse, ARNP at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - West Waterloo, has plenty of tips to select the right daycare provider for your family.

J is for Juice

Questions about starting solid food? Claudia Vicetti, MD at UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics - Prairie Parkway, has the answers!

K is for Kangaroo Care

Immediate skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, is greatly beneficial to both mom and baby. International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Wanda Havercamp, explains why. 

L is for Labor

Get ready for the big day by learning labor signs and phases with UnityPoint Health OB/GYN - Waterloo CNM, Breanna Herring

M is for Midwife

What exactly is a midwife? Find out and meet our CNM team! 

N is for NICU

Welcoming your new baby is exciting but sometimes extra care is needed. Learn more about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Allen Hospital. 

O is for OB

Our OB/GYN team is ready to help welcome your little one. Choose your provider today!

P is for Pediatrician

From birth all the way to adolescence, our pediatric providers are here every step of the way. Find yours!

Q is for Questions

Pregnancy can come with plenty of surprises but you aren't alone! Find out when to call your provider. 

R is for Reflux

When it comes to baby bellyaches, reflux is often the go-to culprit. However, that may not always be the case.  Claudia Vicetti, MD at UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics - Prairie Parkway, explains reflux and how it may (or may not) be affecting your little one. 

S is for Suitcase

Don't let the big day catch you by surprise! Find out what to pack for your hospital stay. 

T is for Teething

Claudia Vicetti, MD at UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics - Prairie Parkway explains what to expect and how you can help during this important baby milestone. 

U is for Unexpected Crying

Learn more about the Period of P.U.R.P.L.E Crying and what it means for you and your little one. 

V is for Vaccines

Can pregnant women get a flu shot? When will my baby receive their first vaccine?  Jeff Guse, ARNP at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - West Waterloo breaks down vaccine facts, myths, and more. 

W is for Wash

Rub-a-dub-dub, it's time for the tub! Allen Birthing Center RN, Betsy Smith, demonstrates how to bathe your newborn.

X is for eXercise

Stay fit during pregnancy with these tips and exercises from UnityPoint Health OB/GYN - Waterloo CNM, Breanna Herring

Y is for Younger Sibling

Worried about how your child will react when the new baby arrives? Jeff Guse, ARNP at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - West Waterloo, breaks down ways to help them cope with changes. 

Z is for Zzzz! 

Send your little one off to dreamland safely with baby sleeping guidelines from Allen Birthing Center RN, Betsy Smith.