About Our Wait Time Estimates

The number of patients listed is an approximate count of people waiting to be taken to an exam room for their appointment. The system updates every 10 minutes, to give you the most accurate information possible. 

While checking on the number of patients waiting before you arrive is helpful, it's important to know that the number listed may not be exact – new patients arrive frequently and all have different medical needs.

If you are experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath, please go to the Emergency Department or call 911 immediately.

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What Type of Appointment do I Need?

When health concerns arise, it is best to contact your primary care provider, who can then direct you on the best course of action. But when health issues arise after hours, on weekends or during the holidays, visiting your primary provider may not be an option.

While not every illness or injury requires a trip to the emergency room (ER), there are times when emergency services are needed. Emergency rooms are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You should seek emergency care for limb- or life-threatening conditions, including intense chest pain, profuse bleeding, difficulty breathing, severe headaches, seizures lasting longer than five minutes, intense abdominal pain and other serious medical issues.

For minor illnesses or injuries, Urgent/Express Care clinics are the best choice. Walk-in and Urgent/Express Care clinics are available after hours, on weekends and during holidays. Urgent/Express Care can provide treatment for non-emergency situations, including burns, colds, cuts, allergies, flu, fractures, infections, sprains and more.