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Compliance / Helpline Reporting

This 24-hour toll-free Helpline call-in and web-reporting tool was established as a reporting mechanism whereby employees, medical staff, business partners and others associated with UnityPoint Health can report suspected violations, suspected illegal activity or fraud, waste, and abuse, concerns related to workplace safety, and noncompliance issues without fear of retribution or retaliation. Concerns can be reported through any of the following means:

Report A Patient Care Concern

To report Patient Care concern, please select your nearest region below.

Cedar Rapids
Des Moines
Quad Cities
DubuqueSioux City
Fort Dodge

Call Compliance Helpline (answered 24/7)

English or EspaƱol
1 (800) 548-8778
Submit a Concern Online

Reporting Can Be Anonymous

The Compliance Helpline is operated by an independent, outside service that permits your call to be anonymous, that is, you do not need to identify yourself. 

Compliance Information

Learn more about the UnityPoint Health Compliance Program.

About UnityPoint Health Compliance Helpline/Reporting

UnityPoint Health has established a Compliance Helpline (see UnityPoint Health Compliance Policy 1.CE.05, Compliance Helpline). These reports can be made anonymously. UnityPoint Health advises its employees concerning criminal penalties for anyone who retaliates against another person for providing truthful information to a law enforcement officer regarding the commission or possible commission of a federal offense. UnityPoint Health does not permit retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a concern to management either directly or through the Compliance Helpline. "Good faith" does not mean that you have to be right, but it does mean that you should be telling the truth as you know it.

The Compliance Helpline is operated by an independent organization. Reporting can be anonymous and is held in the highest confidence.

Employees are expected to report suspected illegal activity through any of the following means:

  • Local Management
  • Local or UnityPoint Health Compliance Officer
  • UnityPoint Health Law Department (515-241-4650)
  • UnityPoint Health Audit Services (515-241-6120)
  • Compliance Helpline (1-800-548-8778)
  • Submit a concern online