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Q & A 

1. Does anything change for current members/patients of either organization? Can I continue to see my doctor? 
  • Nothing changes today for members of Physicians Plus Insurance Corp., Unity Health Plans Insurance Corp. and Gundersen Health Plan because of the closing of these agreements. In the future, UnityPoint Health – Meriter, UW Health and Gundersen Health System providers and facilities, along with many local independent doctors, will be combined into integrated health plan networks.  

    On the provider side, some patients needing inpatient care that historically have gone to University Hospital may soon start receiving care appropriate at Meriter and The American Center as our systems work together to best utilize available space and talent.

    Both changes will increase access, improve care coordination and remove the red tape of insurance networks.   
2. How is this different than how Meriter and UW Health worked together in the past? 
  • This is a much deeper and broader partnership. While we will remain separate entities, we are aligning strategy, finances and clinical operations to become a unified system. We are partners with a single shared focus on serving our patients and communities. 
3. Will UnityPoint Health - Meriter doctors, clinics and services be fully available to Unity and Gundersen Health Plan members? 

  • Yes, many will be – but not right away. This closing now allows us to work toward creating integrated health plan networks, which includes UnityPoint Health – Meriter.                           
4. Is Meriter still affiliated with UnityPoint Health? 
  • Yes, UnityPoint Health – Meriter will remain an affiliate of UnityPoint Health.  
5. Will there be any name, branding or logo changes? 
  • Yes, UnityPoint Health – Meriter is rolling out a new logo that incorporates the UW Health brand. UW Health will maintain its current logo and brand. Unity Health Insurance, Physicians Plus Insurance and Gundersen Health Plan will come together under the brand name Quartz.  
6. What is Quartz? 
  • Quartz manages, administers and supports Unity Health Insurance (Unity), Gundersen Health Plan and Physicians Plus for customers in southwestern Wisconsin and beyond. Unity, Gundersen Health Plan and Physicians Plus have come together under the Quartz brand – a new name in health insurance products. Wherever you see the name Quartz, you will find the same great products and services. 
7. Will the names Unity, Physicians Plus or Gundersen Health Plan go away? 
  • All three insurance plans continue to be licensed and provide health insurance to customers, but now under the Quartz brand.  Regular updates will be provided over the next several months as we formalize our plans and create timelines for any changes. 
8. What happens next? 
  • We will continue to provide regular updates and a timeline once decisions are finalized, and we will continue to work on integrating our systems to benefit the patients, members and communities we serve. We are now a unified health system.  

    We expect a near immediate shift in some new admissions to UnityPoint Health – Meriter and The American Center rather than University Hospital, which has capacity issues. In the future, the Unity Insurance network will open and more patients will have full access to Meriter facilities and providers, including clinics.