Caring for a Premature Baby: Home Temperature

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Home Temperature

How warm should I keep the temperature in my house?

A low to mid-70's temperature is warm enough as long as the baby is dressed appropriately.

How warm should I dress my baby?

One rule of thumb is to dress your baby like you are dressed for that kind of day and a similar amount of activity (usually sleeping or quiet). The best way to tell if your baby is dressed warm enough is to look and touch his skin:

  • If your baby's hands are cold, blue or blotchy, add socks, hat, sweater or another blanket.
  • If your baby seems restless or fussy and his skin is flushed or reddened, remove a piece of clothing or blanket.
  • When your baby is sleeping, add one blanket.

If these things do not make a difference and your baby continues to be uncomfortable, take your baby's temperature; your baby could be sick.