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We Deliver Joy!

When you're expecting, you expect the very best care—for yourself and your baby. Our OB providers at UnityPoint Health – Grinnell Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic specialize in maternal care and partner closely with our maternity services and primary care teams. Together, we support you through every step of your pregnancy and delivery experience.

Family Centered Care

At Grinnell Regional Medical Center, we offer a family-centered environment that recognizes the needs of the mother, infant and the entire family. Our maternity unit consists of three birthing suites, along with four additional hospital rooms.

We welcome expecting parents for tours of our wonderful facility, named after the Kintzinger family in honor of their donations to the maternity unit. Email us to schedule your in-person tour!


Meeting your specific needs – and those of your family.

We understand that every pregnancy and delivery is as individual as you are. Because every story is different, we get to know our patients on a personal level.

Choosing Your OB Provider 

Our providers partner closely with our maternity services and primary care teams. Together, we support you through this important health journey. It's important to note if you use an OBGYN provider for your delivery, you will also need to select a primary care provider for your baby's care.

Tips to Help You Get Started:

  • Make a list of candidates from people you trust - your relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers and your primary care/family medicine healthcare provider.
  • Find a provider who is in your health insurance network to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Consider the provider's personality:
    • Do they treat you as a partner in care decisions?
    • Are they patient and willing to explain things carefully?
    • Would they be supportive if you requested a second opinion?
    • Are the provider's age and gender important factors to you?
    • Are you comfortable asking questions and do you feel like you're being heard?
Learn more about OB providers accepting new patients.

Lactation Services

The decision to breastfeed is a personal one. Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits for you and your baby - and is a beautiful and natural way to bond. Our qualified lactation services staff is here to provide extensive breastfeeding education and support. 

Learn more about classes that are available. If you're unsure which breastfeeding support service best fits your personal situation, we encourage you to start by calling our Public Health team at (641) 236-2385 for a guided recommendation.

Breastfeeding Support Services

Breastfeeding Class
We recommend this class to all pregnant parents who wish to learn more about breastfeeding. You will learn the art of breastfeeding - including education on teaching your baby to latch and suck, tips for milk production and nutrition tips for nursing parents - what to expect during the beginning days and what support resources are available after you leave the hospital. View our class listing to select a date option that works for you.
Inpatient Support
Following the birth of your baby, our certified lactation specialists will answer any questions you may have and will provide support to best meet your breastfeeding goals. You may ask your nurse to speak with a lactation specialist at any time during your hospital stay. Our inpatient maternity team can be reached at (641) 236-2324.
Postpartum Home Visits & Lactation Consultations

During a postpartum home visit the nurse will come to your home to make sure you and your baby are doing well. At a typical visit, the nurse would discuss baby care, post-delivery care, parenting questions or concerns, breastfeeding support, available services and more.

Consultations can also take place at Public Health or via phone. This free service is available to families residing in Poweshiek, Marshall and Jasper counties. Call (641) 236-2385 to schedule an appointment. **Families residing in Iowa, Mahaska or Tama counties are still encouraged to call for referrals to care services in those counties.

Outpatient Clinic Consultations

If questions or concerns arise after you return home, our lactation specialists at UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Family Practice Clinic and Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic are here to help with breastfeeding challenges you may face, including positioning, latch concerns, engorgement or milk supply.

Call (641) 236-2323 to schedule your lactation support appointment or infant weight check.

Breastfeeding Benefits

Benefits for Baby
  • Provides essential nutrients and antibodies to help protect baby's immune system.
  • Lowers risk of childhood obesity, asthma, SIDS, ear infections, respiratory issues, stomach viruses, allergies and diabetes.
  • Easy for baby to digest.
  • Improves baby's cognitive development.
Benefits for Birthing Parent
  • Special bonding time for you and your baby.
  • Reduces stress and lowers risk for postpartum depression.
  • Reduces risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  • Stimulates uterine healing, helping you to regain pre-pregnancy figure back more quickly.
  • Saves money.
  • Reduces frequency of preparing and cleaning bottles.
Tips for Partners
  • Regardless if this is your first or fourth baby, understand that this process is new for both mother and baby. This means that frustrations may run high.
  • Bring the baby to your partner and offer to help with positioning the baby for feedings.
  • Try to help in other ways with your baby. Changing diapers may not be a fun task, but it allows you to interact with your baby one-on-one. Snuggling and changing clothes are some other ideas. Burping the baby may be helpful during and after feedings.
  • Hold the baby before and after feedings. This way the baby is able to develop a relationship with you as well.
  • Feed an occasional bottle of breast milk after the baby is 3 to 4 weeks old or if your partner pumps their breast milk.

Childbirth & Parenting Resources

UnityPoint Health – Grinnell Regional Medical Center is excited to offer in-person and virtual classes to assist moms/caregivers throughout their journey. Check out what opportunity works best for you!

  • Childbirth and Prenatal Education Classes and Breastfeeding Classes are available in person and registration is required. Our childbirth and prenatal education class is offered and highly encouraged for parents who plan to deliver at GRMC. If you have questions about our classes or would like more information, email the Kintzinger Women's Health Center at or call (641) 236-2324.
  • Postpartum Support Group is offered the second and fourth Mondays of the month at GRMC; no cost to attend and no registration required. Caregivers and their infant(s) from newborn to one year of age are invited to connect with health care experts and peers in a supportive, come-and-go atmosphere. Baby weight checks are available at each session. Visit our class listing for more information or call (641) 236-2905 with questions.

WIC Clinics (Well Child)

For more information, please call Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA) at (641) 752-7162 or (800) 390-5293.

Location Day Time
Brooklyn - Brooklyn United Methodist Church third Monday of every month 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Grinnell - Light Center for Community Health
third Tuesday of every month
fourth Tuesday of every month

6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Delivering Our Future

Ensuring each baby has the best care possible before leaving our facility is the focus of our entire OB team, as evidenced by our five-year designation as a Silver Safe Sleep Hospital by Cribs for Kids® and being named to the Hepatitis B Birth Dose Honor Roll by the Immunization Action Coalition. Help other families experience the same compassionate care – close to home – for years to come.

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Certified Safe Sleep Hospital

Grinnell Regional Medical Center is recognized as a Silver Safe Sleep Hospital by Cribs for Kids. As a Nationally Certified Safe Sleep Hospital, we are committed to best practices, patient education and community outreach in supporting safe infant sleep. For more information, call (641) 236-2324 or email

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