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Palliative Medicine provides relief from distressing symptoms and helps improve quality of life for patients and families. Care can be as soon as a patient and their doctor feel it will help. For many, this may be shortly after the diagnosis of a serious condition. Palliative Medicine is provided across care settings including hospitals, clinics and in a patient's home.

Who provides palliative medicine?

Palliative Medicine is a partnership between your primary doctor and other medical specialists including doctors, nurses and social workers who provide an extra layer of support.

What does a referral to palliative medicine mean?

Being referred for a Palliative Medicine consultation means that you are dealing with difficult medical problems that cause pain and discomfort, emotional uncertainty and personal complications for you and your loved ones. Research show that Palliative Medicine can help people live longer by reducing the pain and stress a serious illness may cause.

Who pays for palliative medicine?

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans cover all or part of Palliative Medicine services. The Palliative Medicine team will help you and your family understand your coverage.