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Meet Our Wendt Center Care Team

The Wendt Cancer Center understands that quality cancer care doesn't just mean making sure that a patient's physical needs are met, but also that the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and their family are met as well. Our staff educates, listens and gives dignity to people in a time of tremendous need.  Together, they provide the coordinated care necessary for a multidisciplinary approach to fighting a cancer diagnosis. You matter to this world, and every member of our Wendt Center care team is here to remind you of that.

Secretaries, located at the front desk area, will welcome you upon each arrival to the Wendt Cancer Center. They will assist with any paperwork or answer any initial questions you may have.

Your Oncology Nurses will help manage your individual cancer treatment side effects, while offering encouragement and hope throughout your journey.  Our nurses - board-certified in oncology, pain, and palliative care - encourage active decision making and participation of the patient during their cancer care. 

Your Oncology Nurse Navigator is your consistent point of contact throughout your diagnosis, treatment and onto survivor-ship. Our Oncology Nurse Navigator assists you through the complex system of health care so that you can focus on your care and needs.

Your Radiation Oncologist will oversee and manage your cancer treatment plan, while keeping you well informed of the steps being taken throughout your cancer care.

Your Radiation Dosimetrist works with your radiation oncologist and physicist to calculate the appropriate amount of radiation therapy needed during each of your therapy visits.

Your Radiation Physicist works to make sure that all radiation therapy equipment is running appropriately and works with the dosimetrist and therapists to ensure safe delivery of your radiation therapy.

Your Radiation Therapists will operate the machine that provides you with radiation therapy.  Our radiation therapists will also answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

Wendt Cancer Center staff provides patients and their families with:
•          Confidence in their cancer care
•          Advice and knowledge
•          Comfort and safety
•          Care during and after treatment
•          Coordination of ancillary services
•          Encouragement and hope