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Primary Care in Dubuque

Taking care of yourself is still important during this time. We're making it easier to get Safe Care, Your Way with masking policies, virtual waiting room and scheduled virtual visits. Please see our COVID-19 information page for more information. 

Establishing care with a primary care provider is the ideal way to live well. When providers treat you for years, they get to know your medical history inside and out. That helps them make accurate diagnoses, watch for red flags regarding medications and monitor changes in your health through the years.

Well Child Visits

For your child's Well Child Visits, we encourage you to continue those that include vaccinations – these are important for newborns and young children to keep them and others safe. Contact your child's primary care provider to ensure you are aware of any additional processes put in place for your visit. 

Chronic Health Issues

If you or a loved one have chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or a suppressed immune system, we want to stress the importance of handwashing, staying at home, taking advantage of grocery delivery and limiting contact with others. Please call your clinic to discuss options for any upcoming visits.

Primary Care Doctors & Clinics 

At UnityPoint Clinic in Dubuque, our primary care providers specialize in family medicine and women's health needs. Your primary care provider has a personal relationship with you to move you from getting well to living well.

Schedule an Appointment

Establishing care with a provider at UnityPoint Clinic has never been easier! To schedule the next available appointment, call (563) 557-2940 simply call a clinic near you or request an appointment online.

Family Medicine Providers Welcoming New Patients 

Women's Health Providers Welcoming New Patients 

Family Medicine 

Family medicine providers at UnityPoint Clinic offers primary care services for the whole family in Dubuque, Peosta and Cascade. Family Medicine covers the treatment of a wide variety of symptoms and diseases in individuals ranging from infants, pediatrics, adolescents, adults and geriatrics for acute or chronic conditions. Family doctors have expertise in many aspects of medicine and perform a wide variety of services. Focusing on preventative and routine care, family doctors offer a variety of services for people of all ages. 

Women's Health

Our Women's Health clinic offers a "one-stop-shop" for all female-related health concerns. The clinic is a primary care clinic - helping manage acute or chronic health and wellness concerns, but also providing gynecological services such as pap smears, pelvic exams, female sexual dysfunction and more specific women's health needs. 

What does a Primary Care Provider do? 

Your primary care provider works with you to provide the quality, coordinated care needed to keep you at your healthiest.  With a common goal of helping you live well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and preventing unnecessary life problems – regular visits to your UnityPoint Clinic primary care provider help you reach preventative healthcare goals.  Our dedication towards coordinated healthcare helps you maintain your good health throughout the year, so that needing to visit a healthcare provider during your lowest feeling moment is no longer a part of your routine.

Different Types of Doctors and Advanced Practitioners

MD stands for "medical doctor," and MD is nearly identical with "physician." But, to earn the title of MD, many years of training is required. By the time a physician receives his or her degree, they have invested 8-10 years in post-secondary education. They are now qualified to begin residency training in their chosen specialty, and residency involves a minimum of three additional years of training under supervision. Depending upon specialty, residency may mean as much as seven additional years of training. All told, the minimum period of training and education after high school is 11 years, and often, 15 or more years.

DO, or "doctor of osteopathic medicine," also means "physician." Physicians with DO degrees also complete the long educational training requirements like their MD counterparts. However, DOs receive additional training in musculoskeletal and neurological systems of the body. The emphasis for a DO is on more holistic, whole-person care - promoting more natural responses toward health and healing. 

ARNP, or "advanced registered nurse practitioner" must complete a master's or doctoral degree program in nursing and have advanced clinical training beyond that of a registered nurse. ARNP's must pass an examination to receive national certification in a patient population focus and be certified by the board of nursing in the state in which they practice.

Similarly, PA-Cs, or "physician assistant certified," must complete master's level education that requires a bachelor's degree, specific classes and patient care hours. Once accepted to a physician assistant school, training includes at least one year of classroom education and one year of clinical rotations. The PA-C degree requires supervision by a physician, either MD or DO, to practice. 

Coordinated Care by your Primary Care Provider

Whether a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, your primary care provider stays in tune with every aspect of your care; providing you with the quality, coordinated care both you and your family deserve.  If your health leads you down the path of visiting a clinic, home care, or requires you to visit a hospital, your primary care provider is the one constant throughout your journey – coordinating your care in ways that lead to best outcomes, every time.  Coordinating your care across every healthcare level and specializing in many areas, your primary care provider is extremely knowledgeable about a variety of healthcare needs, including areas like family medicine and women's health.  

In the event that you need to see a specialist, your primary care provider is there to help coordinate the quality care you deserve, every step of the way.  However, of all the areas a primary care provider is knowledgeable in, they are the most expert about you – your health history, the surgeries you've had, and the medications you take.  They are here to coordinate your care from birth to end of life, and develop a relationship with you as the health care provider you trust with  your health.