Family medicine covers the treatment of a wide variety of symptoms and diseases in individuals ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. There are many aspects of family medicine that benefit individuals of all ages and health backgrounds. Family history, age, diet and lifestyle are several contributing factors to determine when health care is necessary. The patient can be cared for by one specific family doctor who can take care of an individual and their entire family’s needs, for their entire life.

Family medicine, or primary care, typically serves as your first point of entry for health care services. Family medicine providers can be physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, helping you to maintain good health, manage chronic diseases and connect with access to higher levels of care when necessary.

The foundation of family medicine is an ongoing, personal relationship between the individual and their doctor. By working together as a team and involving the patient in the decision making, we create a plan based on your goals and then coordinate the care to achieve those goals – so you can be your healthiest.

What Does a Family Doctor Do?

Unlike other specialists, family doctors are uniquely trained to treat individuals as a whole person, regardless of age or sex. They provide specialized care for health issues that are of common occurrence during every stage of the patient’s life. In addition to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, your family doctor provides physical examinations, routine health screenings and discusses lifestyle changes to prevent illnesses before they develop. They provide immunizations, health risk assessments and family counseling. Family doctors also have a working relationship with specialists to continue care that needs specific expertise. They will guide and coordinate all aspects of the patient’s care. Near your home or office, your family doctors are part of a trusted health care system that offers comprehensive, coordinated care through every stage of life.