Illinois COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption

Vendors who provide products or services at a UnityPoint Health facility located in Illinois and who are seeking an exemption from COVID-19 vaccinations are required to view the training presentation below. You will need to attest that you have completed this training when you sign and submit your "Application for Exemption" form.

Training Presentation

  • To begin the training, download the required vendor training PowerPoint presentation below. Please note that the presentation is a large file containing videos. Download time will be between 1 – 4 minutes depending on your internet connection speed.
  • Please view the presentation on the "slide show" setting. The location of the "start" arrow for the videos will vary from slide to slide. For some, the start arrow is located in the middle of the slide. For others, the start arrow can be found in the lower left-hand corner of the slide.
  • Finally, following the presentation, there is a short quiz you are required to take.

Thank you for your compliance.

Exemption Forms

To download a medical or religious vaccination exemption form, click on the appropriate form below.