Liver Disease - Hepatitis C

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Liver Disease - Hepatitis C 

Hepatitis C is an infection caused by a virus that attacks your liver and leads to inflammation. Hepatitis C is passed through contact with contaminated blood.

Many people do not know they have Hepatitis C until liver damage is detected.

Risk Factors

  • Sharing needles during illegal drug use
  • Receiving piercings/tattoos in unclean environments with unsterile equipment
  • Received blood transfusion/organ transplant before 1992
  • HIV
  • Born to woman with Hepatitis C
  • Sex with an infected person
  • Multiple sex partners

Signs & Symptoms

  • Usually no signs and symptoms during earliest stages
  • When signs and symptoms occur they are usually mild, and flu-like.
    • Fatigue
    • Fever
    • Nausea, poor appetite
    • Muscle/joint pains

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