What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a secure video access that allows for consultation with a physician or provider off site. Secure video streaming allows the provider and the patient to talk face-to-face. 

Whether patients are in a remote rural area or are in a large urban community, telehealth provides access to quality healthcare faster, which is a leading factor in improved patient engagement and better outcomes. Patients want the same online access and convenience from their health care experience that they already get from other online services like banking and shopping. Telehealth offers similar benefits and can enhance patient satisfaction and lower the cost of care by reducing the use of high cost care settings (i.e. Emergency Department) for low acuity healthcare needs.

How can Telehealth help you?

In addition to connecting you to the care you need, telehealth brings convenience back into your schedule by:

  • Decreasing your travel time, to and from your provider
  • Saving you money that would be spent on gas, meals and hotel stays
  • Allowing you to take less time off work, school or away from family, leaving more room for the moments that matter

Connect with Telehealth in Your Area

Telehealth is another way UnityPoint Health is working to provide easier, more accessible care for you. Telehealth if available in most UnityPoint Health locations and may be offered to you at your next visit.