Surgical Care

If you need surgery, you want the best experience possible and UnityPoint Health wants to give it to you. In order for us to do that, one of the things we focus on is trying to make sure you don't get an infection after surgery. With the right use of antibiotics before surgery, research says about half of surgical site infections could be avoided. Giving you these antibiotics helps lessen the risk of problems caused by infection, shortens your hospital stay and lowers the cost of your stay by keeping you healthy. We also lessen the risk of infection after surgery by making sure we give care that is known to get the best results for most people. Here are some examples:

  • Giving the right antibiotics at the right time before surgery
  • Stopping the antibiotics within the right timeframe after surgery
  • Keeping your temperature and blood sugar at normal levels
  • Taking out catheters that are used to drain the bladder at the right time after surgery

How is Surgical Care used to measure quality? 

The numbers here show the percentage of time we provided the care that is proven by research to lessen your risk for infection before, during, and after surgery. For these numbers, higher percentages are better.