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Trinity Breast Health Center

Breast health is an essential part of your well-being. At UnityPoint Health – Trinity Breast Health Center, we provide routine mammograms, breast ultrasounds and complex breast care that fit into your busy life. 

We're an accredited Breast Center of Excellence, which means you can expect modern technology and accurate results. Our breast center coordinators help you through each step, including communicating with your doctors. 

To schedule your routine mammogram or other breast health appointment, call us at the location most convenient to you. 

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Why Choose the Trinity Breast Health Center?

The Trinity Breast Health Center has comprehensive services for your breast health — from routine mammograms to follow-up tests and programs for people at high risk. Choose us for:

  • Experience: Our radiologists provide and interpret thousands of routine mammograms each year. They also help many patients with more complex breast care when it's needed. While we have the expertise that comes with doing many procedures, we treat you as an individual.
  • Convenience: We offer flexible appointment times and locations. You can preregister to save even more time.
  • Quality: The American College of Radiology has designated Trinity as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. Accreditation is voluntary. Before awarding accreditation, the ACR reviews our imaging equipment, facility and staff. They look at processes, quality and accuracy to recognize the most trusted centers. 
  • Personal touch: Our breast center coordinator will greet you when you arrive, answer questions and explain what's happening at each step of the process. 

Digital Mammography 

The Breast Health Center's digital mammography is a more accurate method of doing your initial and annual breast exam. Digital mammography means your doctor and radiologist can confidently assess your results.

The digital process uses a computer to create a two-dimensional picture that your radiologist can view and adjust on a computer during your mammogram. You may not notice a difference in the process, but the radiologist will have the best quality pictures to evaluate your breast health. 

3D Mammography 
3D mammography, also known as tomosynthesis, is an advanced technology that can be performed as an alternative to digital mammography.  Similar to digital mammography in that it utilizes the same X-ray technology, this method displays images of the breast from various angles to create a 3-dimmensional view.  Detecting abnormalities and determining if they appear potentially worrisome can be made easier with this test.  Your doctor will advise you if a 3D mammogram is recommended.

When should I schedule my first mammogram? How often should I have one?

Routine mammograms keep you healthy and in tune with your body. The Breast Center recommends that all women get their first mammogram at 40 and once a year after that. 

Although breast cancer in men is rare, men should be aware of their risk factors and discuss any changes or symptoms with their doctor. Men at high risk should start their routine exams at 35. 

Your doctor can talk to you about the schedule and any questions you may have. 

High-Risk Breast Cancer Program
If you are at risk because of family history or other factors, we can help. We'll give you an individual assessment and review the results with you. Our team will also provide recommendations so you can monitor breast cancer symptoms. 

If you need treatment, our Breast Health Center can provide it close to home. To schedule an assessment for our High-Risk Breast Program and learn more about genetic testing, please call (309) 779-5080.

Advanced Technology for Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnosis
We provide specialized screening in the rare cases where you may need it. If your doctor decides you need more tests, you may have:
  • Breast ultrasound: This test uses sound waves (sonar) to view the structure, movement, blood flow and other elements of your breast.
  • Stereotactic image-guided biopsy: Radiologists use a small amount of radiation to mark a site considered unusual. They can see the best place to take a biopsy (a piece of tissue) for further testing. 
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy: Ultrasound waves help show the location of a lump. Your radiologist takes a piece of tissue (a biopsy) for additional testing. Your doctor or radiologist can do an ultrasound-guided biopsy right away if they want to look at any unexpected findings. 

Your Breast Health Center Team
Our experts are here to help with everything from your routine mammogram to complex issues. Your team may include:
  • Radiologists: Experts who conduct and review diagnostic imaging
  • Pathologists: Doctors who study laboratory tissue for issues and concerns
  • General and reconstructive surgeons: Physician consulted for surgery
  • Medical and radiation oncologists: Doctors who treat cancer
  • Researchers: Experts who help with complex diagnoses
  • Social workers and dietitians: Professionals who assist you with health care resources and services
Trinity's Providers
We coordinate with UnityPoint Health – Trinity specialists to get you the care you need, close to home. Our team members are: 
  • Melinda M. Hass, MD — General Surgeon, Medical Director of the Trinity Breast Health Center
  • Costas L. Constantinou, MD — Oncologist
  • Bhanu Vakkalanka, MD – Oncologist 
  • Tricia Fisher — Director, Oncology Services
  • Kelly Frick — Director, Breast Health Center
  • Cassie Burns, RN — Breast Care Coordinator 
  • Jamie Broline, RN — Breast Care Coordinator

Contact Us
To schedule your routine mammogram or other breast health appointment, call us at the location most convenient to you. 

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