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Radiation Therapy

Get advanced radiation treatments for cancer without leaving the Quad Cities region. At UnityPoint Health – Trinity, our radiation oncology specialists use radiation therapies to treat many types of cancer, including prostate and breast cancers.

Our radiation treatments include options not widely available elsewhere in the community. Varian Medical System's TrueBeam® radiotherapy system pairs increased precision with added flexibility, so you can treat cancer with less disruption to your life. Brachytherapy delivers radiation directly to the cancer site, inside the body, for fewer side effects.

What Is Radiation Oncology?

Doctors use radiation oncology (also called radiation therapy) to treat many types of cancer. Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to damage the building blocks of cancer cells and stop them from growing or spreading. When cancer cells can no longer multiply, they no longer pose a threat to your health and the body gets rid of them.

There are two main types of radiation therapy:

  • External beam radiation uses a powerful machine (such as a linear accelerator) to carefully aim X-rays or gamma rays right at the tumor from outside the body.
  • Brachytherapy uses radioactive seeds (tiny vessels filled with radiation). A cancer doctor places the radioactive seeds inside your body, directly into or near the cancerous tumor.

Radiation may damage some healthy tissues near a tumor. Our team's careful planning helps ensure a radiation dose targets cancerous tissue but avoids normal cells as much as possible, reducing side effects.

Why Choose Us for Radiation Treatment?

At UnityPoint Health – Trinity, we treat many cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer, using advanced radiation therapies. You can expect:

  • Trusted cancer specialists: Our cancer care team includes radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and other cancer specialists who are trained in the nuances of radiation oncology.
  • Innovative treatment options: We offer TrueBeam® radiotherapy, which uses highly focused radiation beams to destroy cancer cells in less time than traditional radiation therapies. We also offer brachytherapy as an advanced treatment option (with the potential for fewer side effects) for people with breast and prostate cancers.
  • Convenience: At Trinity Cancer Center in Moline, you can access many of the cancer services you need under one roof, sometimes on the same day. Spending less time on traveling for your care means you can devote more time to the things that matter most to you.
  • Compassionate team: From our cancer doctors to our support professionals, our team is committed to making our patients' lives better. We develop personal relationships with the people we care for, and we treat you like family. See our team of cancer specialists.

Contact Us

Connect with a member of our trusted cancer team, easily. Find a doctor or call 309-779-4940 to speak with one of our cancer specialists.