Oncology Nutrition and Dietitians

Woman making orange juice with child

Depending on your location, we have team members who are registered dietitians with specialized experience and certification in oncology nutrition. Our dietitians works with patients, families and our medical team to help patients:

  • Assess nutrition needs
  • Provide counseling and education on special diets
  • Help make diet modifications to deal with side effects of disease and treatments
  • Recommend individualized nutrition support options like tube feeding or TPN when oral intakes are not enough to maintain or improve nutrition status
  • Provide education on feeding tube care and use

By helping patients understand more about nutrition, our dietitian works to:

  • Prevent or correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Minimize the side effects of treatment
  • Enhance quality of life during treatment
  • Improve ability to tolerate treatment
  • Help achieve and maintain optimal body weight
  • Incorporate healthy nutrition habits into daily living
  • Educate family members about special nutrition needs
  • Collaborate with providers to manage alternate nutrition and hydration therapies

A cancer diagnosis can often times leave one feeling out of control. Taking charge to ensure good nutrition can help. We know that cancer and treatments can affect the ability to meet your nutrition needs in many ways, such as: changing the way you chew or swallow, the way you taste food, and/or how your body can absorb nutrients. Advice about the best foods to eat or the most popular supplements to swallow seems to be everywhere.  This information can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous.

That is where our registered oncology specialist dietitians can help. Our dietitians will focus on assessing the individual diet and nutrition needs of each patient. The dietitian understands that food or nutrition support can become an ally in the fight against cancer. 

Contact a cancer care location below to learn what oncology nutrition services may be available near you.