Preventing Unplanned Hospital Care

What is "Preventing Unplanned Hospital Care"? 

 Preventing unplanned hospital care means keeping you healthy and treating your medical condition at home or in the clinic whenever possible. Every patient who receives care from UnityPoint at Home has a plan of care. That plan is designed to give you the best possible care leading to the "best outcome for every patient, every time."

These numbers are for Medicare patients from the time home care starts and ends 60 days later. They measure: (Lower numbers are better)

  • How often patients went to the emergency department while they were receiving home health care, but were not admitted to the hospital
  • How often patients were admitted to the hospital while under the care of the home health team

How is "Preventing Unplanned Hospital Care" used to measure quality?

Some people getting medical services in their home may need to be admitted to the hospital, even if they have good care. Sometimes a readmission to the hospital may be a planned part of continuing treatment for a medical condition.

When home care nurses check your condition at each visit and communicate regularly with your doctor, many times care can be provided at home, in the clinic or at an urgent care. The UnityPoint at Home team communicates with each other and with you and your family to provide the best possible care to keep you comfortable at home.