Managing Daily Activities

What is "Managing Daily Activities"? 

Daily activities are things you do each day. This includes getting in and out of bed, walking, and bathing. Moving around on your own is better for your body and your health. Moving helps to keep your muscles strong, and your joints healthy. Your skin also needs a rest from pressure where you sit or lie.

Moving provides a rest for the skin. Some people need help to move safely. The numbers for this item show how often the home health team helped patients improve their ability to walk, get in and out of bed, and bathe.

How is "Managing Daily Activities" used to measure quality?  

Your home health team will talk with you and your support members about needing to move each day.  You need to move by yourself as much as you can safely.  Moving by yourself may take more time, but it is better for your body.  Your team will also help decide if equipment is needed to help you move safely.  Your team will help to get the equipment and teach you how to use it safely.