Infusion Center

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital - Cedar Rapids

St. Luke's Infusion Center is committed to providing quality infusion care for adult patients in Cedar Rapids. Our outpatient center offers a safe, caring place for patients who require a medication administration.

The team gets to know you on a one-on-one basis, easing your anxieties. Patient comfort is a major objective at the Infusion Center. To best accommodate our patients, the Infusion Center offers movable partitions and larger private rooms. Each station provides a comfortable recliner and a seat for a guest. Patients can enjoy watching their own private televisions, or they have the option of opening the movable partition between stations to visit with fellow patients.

The Infusion Center is overseen by a medical internist and staffed by oncology and infusion certified nurses. The Infusion Center is available to patients needing both short- and long-term infusions with a doctor's referral.

Services provided by the Infusion Center include:

  • IV antibiotics
  • Immunoglobulin or IVIG
  • IV Hydration
  • Migraine treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Other IV Medications
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Injections
  • Port Flushes
  • PICC insertion and Dressing Changes
  • Plasma Apheresis
  • Urinary catheter changes