Hospital Patient Experience

Your Satisfaction is Key to Delivering Quality Health Care

Our ability to surround you with a team of compassionate doctors, nurses, and staff and to be able to talk with you in the clinic, hospital or home, is key to your satisfaction. This means that we depend on information provided by you to help us know that we are, in fact, reaching our goal of "the best outcome for every patient, every time."

About the Reports

When you choose a report, we link you straight to the results of the survey questions required by the Federal Government. We do this to show that we do not change the data in any way. The information here is limited because it only shows your answers to the "how often" questions. It does not include any comments you may have made. Comments made by patients and the extra questions we ask about the quality of the care we give are not part of what you see when you follow the link. The reason is that hospitals and clinics can choose different questions or different companies to manage the surveys making it impossible to compare one to the other.

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How Information is Collected

At UnityPoint Health we want you to be more and more satisfied with our services. To measure your satisfaction, UnityPoint Health uses experts in customer service testing to manage research surveys. These surveys are sent randomly to patients who have used services from any area of the UnityPoint Health system including inpatient, outpatient, surgery, emergency department, home care, or clinics. 

Your satisfaction feedback is collected and tabulated then sent to our clinics, hospitals and home care staff. We use that information as an opportunity to address your concerns and to improve the way we do things. The best outcome for you, which we measure in part through surveys, is the number one goal of every employee of UnityPoint Health no matter what job they have. Meeting and exceeding your needs is important to us. 

How We Measure Quality

The Federal Government requires we ask you certain questions in our survey. Many of those questions are asked in a way that measure our consistency; the words used are "how often did." and you are able to answer with: always, usually, sometimes and never. Although these questions show us how often our staff performs certain tasks, they do not measure the quality of our care. In order to better understand how well we took care of your needs, we ask other questions that dig into how you felt about your care and the team who provided it. This helps us to drill down into your answers and figure out how we can make your visit more enjoyable.