Home Health Quality Results

Our Quality Results

Your care satisfaction is a key to keeping you healthy. The Federal Government has a database of care quality measurements that allows you to compare health care providers across the nation.

We are happy to provide this information so you can easily compare our care with other providers. We work to surround you with a compassionate care team whether you are receiving care in a clinic, hospital, or at home. One of the ways we know how well we are doing is by our quality scores.

Quality Measurements

Listed below are five items used to measure the quality of the care we provide in your home. 

  1. Managing daily activities
  2. Managing pain and treating symptoms
  3. Treating wounds and preventing pressure
  4. Preventing harm 
  5. Preventing unplanned hospital care

Additionally, each region is scored in five items of patient satisfaction. Results of scoring these items are also used by the Federal Government to measure and compare the quality of home health services across the country.