Guidance For Business Partners

UnityPoint Health has a Guidance for Business Partners brochure that is intended to familiarize business associates with UnityPoint Health and its policies and practices regarding compliance with laws and regulations governing its operations. UnityPoint Health values the vital contribution that business partners make to the high quality of care that our organizations provide.

Business Ethics

Integrity is a key principle for the selection and retention of those who do business with UnityPoint Health.

UnityPoint Health expects its business partners to pursue the best interests of UnityPoint Health and its Affiliates, as well as the patients and communities we serve.
Business partners are expected to:

  • Operate in compliance with all applicable legal requirements.
  • Never pursue any business opportunity or relationship which would compromise the ethical standards, or violate a law or regulation of UnityPoint Health.
  • Respect the rights and dignity of UnityPoint Health employees and patients. UnityPoint Health will not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment or intimidation in the workplace. Harassment or illegal discrimination of any kind is unacceptable.
  • Protect the physical and intellectual property of UnityPoint Health and any assets entrusted to their care against loss, theft, destruction, misappropriation and misuse.
  • Not use for personal gain any information obtained as a business partner of UnityPoint Health.
  • Comply with all relevant government requirements regarding record, document, and data treatment and retention, including the confidentiality of medical records and other proprietary information.
  • Report suspected violation of any law, regulation or policy to the Compliance Officer of the facility with which the business partner has a relationship. Retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports such violations will not be permitted.

Several sections of the UnityPoint Health Code of Conduct are specifically applicable to vendors. These sections are included in the Gifts and Business Courtesies Policy.

Gifts And Business Courtesies

UnityPoint Health employees may not solicit, accept or offer or give any gift or business courtesy that may improperly influence the employee's decision-making. Decisions are to be made in an objective, unbiased and free of improper conflict of interest manner and in the best interest of the UnityPoint Health organization. No purpose of any gift or business courtesy may be to induce the referral of a patient or the ordering of a service paid for by a governmental healthcare program. No cash or cash equivalents can be offered or accepted. No gift or business courtesy exchanged with an independent physician can be determined in a manner that takes into account the volume or value of referrals or other business generated between the UnityPoint Health entity and the independent physician.

If the rules above are not violated, UnityPoint Health employees may accept gifts or business courtesies of insubstantial value ($100 or less per gift).

Employees are prohibited from soliciting or asking for tips, personal gratuities or gifts or business courtesies from patients.  Employees may not accept monetary tips or cash from patients or patient representatives.

The Gifts and Business Courtesies Policy provides further detail on what is permitted.