Emergency Department Care

You don't want to ever have to go to the emergency room, and we don't either. But there are occasions in life when the only thing that stands between you and your health is a well-run emergency department.

Timely and effective care in hospital emergency departments is needed for good patient outcomes. Things that slow down the care in the emergency department can lessen the quality of care and increase risks and discomfort for patients with serious illnesses or injuries. There can be a large difference in waiting times at different hospital emergency departments depending on the number of patients seen, the amount of staff, speed of working, checking in procedures, or how many hospital beds are open. 

UnityPoint Health tries to give you options for quick, effective healthcare right where you live. When people do not have a family doctor many times emergency departments are used when an Urgent Care Clinic or family practice could manage the sickness or injury. UnityPoint Health puts Urgent Care Clinic wait times on our website to help you get the right help you need without waiting in an emergency room.

How is Emergency Department Care used to measure quality? 

The information in this section shows how quickly UnityPoint Health treats patients who come to the hospital emergency department compared to the average for all hospitals in the United States.

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