UnityPoint Accountable Care, L.C. (UAC) has adopted the UnityPoint Health Compliance Program. UnityPoint Health has devoted substantial resources to compliance activities. Since 1997, when the UnityPoint Health (formerly Iowa Health System) Board of Directors adopted the current Compliance Program, the organization and the Compliance Committee have developed over 150 Compliance Policies, many of which will be applicable to UnityPoint Accountable Care, L.C.

In addition, the UnityPoint Health Law Department has been advising the UnityPoint Accountable Care, L.C. Board on compliance matters since the inception of the Iowa Health Accountable Care, L.C.

Conflict of Interest

View UnityPoint Accountable Care, L.C.'s "Conflict of Interest Policy and Questionnaire."

The UnityPoint Accountable Care, L.C. Board of Managers has adopted the Policy I.CE.03(a) Conflict of Interest for the purpose of setting forth organizational beliefs and policy with respect to conflicts of interest; identifying those corporate entities and individuals subject to certain requirements under the policy; and explaining the requirements and activities associated with identifying and ethically resolving conflicts of interest on the part of individuals affiliated with the organization.

Disclosure Questionnaires will be completed annually by individuals subject to disclosure requirements under this policy, the Internal Revenue Code, or Medicare/Medicaid program regulations.

Compliance Helpline

UnityPoint Health has established a Corporate Compliance Helpline with two options for reporting (see Policy 1.CE.05, Compliance Helpline ).

This 24-hour toll-free Helpline was established as a reporting mechanism whereby employees, medical staff, ACO participants, ACO providers/supplies, business partners and others associated with UnityPoint Health can report suspected violations and noncompliance issues without fear of retribution or retaliation. Some federal laws impose strict criminal penalties upon entities or persons who illegally retaliate against those who, in good faith, reporting wrong doing. UnityPoint Health does not permit retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports suspected wrongdoing.

The Compliance Helpline is an external resource which will make sure your report is anonymous and will be held in the highest confidence.

Suspected illegal activity or fraud, waste and abuse; or retaliation for the reporting of suspected illegal activity or fraud, waste and abuse, can be reported through any of the following means: