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Community Support

UnityPoint Health provided $559 million of charity care, community benefit, community building activities, other uncompensated care and taxes in 2018, accounting for 12.8% of annual expenses for UnityPoint Health.

Total Community Costs

Charity Care Cost  $ 26,391,635
Un-reimbursed Medicaid &
Other Means Tested
Community Health Improvement Services
and Community Benefit Operations
Subsidized Health Services $28,490,112
Health Professionals Education $34,055,913
Research $465,598
Cash and In-Kind Contributions to
Community Groups
Community Building Activities $2,332,716
Bad Debt at Cost $39,078,573
Medicare Shortfall* $95,005,077
Income, Property, Payroll and Sales Taxes $146,188,736

Total Operating Expenses

Salaries and Benefits $2,663,780,000 
Supplies $725,630,000
Other Expenses $701,192,000
Depreciation and Amortization $241,334,000
Interest $38,754,000

Total Expenses

Total 2018 Expenses  $4,370,690,000