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Specialists to heal muscle, bone, and connective tissue

Joint Care: Total Replacement and Alternative Options

Are stiff, painful joints keeping you from the activities you enjoy?

St. Luke's orthopedic experts can repair the joint damage you've suffered, whether it's from arthritis, an injury or another degenerative disorder. We're nationally recognized for our hip and knee replacement programs, plus we're leading advancements in new, alternative surgery options that speed up your healing and recovery. We'll develop a plan that works for you and care for you through treatment and rehabilitation.

You can quickly resume the activities you value most.

Joint replacement surgery is the topic of this video interview with Dr. Jeff Nassif, Physicians' Clinic of Iowa P.C., orthopedic surgeon. He is joined by Jan Kriegel, a nurse with St. Luke's Ortho unit and total joint educator.

Groundbreaking surgery options

Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement. Developed at St. Luke's, this program combines patient education, surgical techniques and a personally tailored pain regimen to get you home sooner.  Many patients go home as early as the next day. A shorter hospital stay means fewer complications, less infections and better outcomes. We've earned the Gold Seal of Approvalâ„¢ from The Joint Commission for our hip and knee replacement programs.

Hip Resurfacing. An alternative to total hip replacement, this bone-conserving surgery is often an option for younger patients, allowing a more active lifestyle following surgery, and possibly making future hip surgeries easier. Using VectorVision Flex, a computer-assisted surgery system, this procedure is more precise and less invasive. St. Luke's is the only hospital in the area using this ground-breaking technology and was the first hospital in North America to acquire VectorVision Flex. 

Robotic Minimally Invasive Partial Knee Replacement. This minimally invasive surgery method can be a good choice in situations where the kneecap isn't affected by arthritis. It requires smaller incisions and less muscle cutting, and generally results in less pain, a faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay.

Quality information about joint replacement surgery at St. Luke's 

Total Hip & Knee replacements
688 cases
2012 653 cases
2013 603 cases
2014 605 cases 
2015 748 cases
2016 785 cases
2017 782 cases

Average length of stay
Hip 1.49 days
Knee 1.46 days

Discharge arrangements 

After patients are discharged from St. Luke's, most patients return home rather than to an extended nursing care facility (see chart below).