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Medication Matters

When Minutes Count, Count on St. Luke's ER

Medication Matters Cards Help You Receive Timely Lifesaving Care

Time is of the essence during a medical emergency. During a trip to the ER you may be unable to speak, or be too confused, sick or injured to accurately share your medical history with healthcare providers. 

This information is critical in order to treat your emergency properly — it can mean life or death. We want you to be prepared for the unexpected and that's why we created the Medication Matters card. It's a way you can take control before an emergency strikes and provide accurate and up-to-date medical information to first responders and our ER team.

We encourage you to fill out the Medication Matters card. Then place it in your purse, wallet or on your refrigerator and let your family know where you keep it — that way it's easy to find in an emergency.

Here are tips on how to best use the card.

  • List everything you take; prescriptions, over-the-counter products, dietary supplements, herbal remedies, eye drops, inhalers and oxygen.
  • Describe the purpose of each product.
  • Carry the card with you at all times in your wallet or purse, or attach it to your refrigerator where family or first responders can find it in an emergency. Then tell family where it is located in the event you are unable to speak.
  • At your doctor's office, present the card for updating.
  • At the pharmacy, ask your pharmacist to review the card when a new prescription is added.
  • At the hospital, ask your nurse to review the card when you are admitted and again when you are sent home.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medicines and the best way you should take them or if there are any special concerns you need to be aware of regarding drug interactions.

Our Medication Matters initiative is our way of demonstrating that when minutes count, you can count on St. Luke's ER to provide you with lifesaving care when it matters most.

For additional copies, you may also call (319) 369-7388.