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Please don't risk your CPS Certification - we want to keep you on our Iowa Tech Team! Don't wait until the last minute! You can re-certify up to FOUR months prior to your expiration date

Basic Recertification Requirements:

Step 1

FIVE SEAT CHECKS approved by a certified instructor.  Mock scenarios are NOT allowed.  These may be done at any time during your two year certification cycle as long as they are entered online and approved by an instructor prior to your expiration date.

  • Rear-facing Infant Seat
  • Rear-facing Convertible Seat
  • Forward-facing Child Safety Seat with Harness
  • Belt Positioning Booster Seat
  • LATCH Installation

Step 2


  1. Participate in at least one two-hour check up event with at least one other CPS Technician at which you serve families using any standardized checklist to provide documentation, if needed.


  2. Provide at least four hours of community education.  Examples include presenting to parents, educators, kids, organizations (PTAs, law enforcement) or other stakeholders who are not technicians.

Step 3

A MINIMUM OF SIX HOURS of CPS technical continuing education units must be earned and reported during a current certification cycle (two years).  You cannot "carry-over" CEUs from one period to the next, even if you have accumulated more CEUs than are required.  CEUs may be entered at any time during your two year certification cycle and must fit into one of the five approved categories and meet content requirements.

Categories of CEUs:

  1. In-person Session/Workshop Attendee (max 6 CEUs)
  2. Observe a CPS Certification or Renewal Course (max 3 CEUs)
  3. Teleconferences (max 5 CEUs)
  4. Online/Web Sessions (max 5 CEUs)
  5. Newsletters/Manuals/Journals (max 3 CEUs)

You may mix and match categories to meet the six required hours of continuing education.

Example #1

  • Read Tech Update = 1 CEU
  • Complete LATCH Quiz = 1 CEU
  • Attend 2-hour technical update = 2 CEUs
  • Attend new CR test run at local retailer
    for two hours = 2 CEUs

Example #2

  • Read Tech Update = 1 CEU
  • Submit child restraint manufacturer quiz = 1 CEU
  • Subscribe to Safe Ride News or SafetyBeltSafe USA
    newsletters (proof of purchase from publisher) = 1 CEU each
  • Attend 45-minute local update = 1 CEU
  • Complete two online courses (coming soon to 
  • http://www.cpsboard.org/ = 2 CEUs

Step 4

REGISTER AND PAY FEE by the end of the certification expiration date.