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Car Seat Recalls

Occasionally, manufacturers will implement the recall of a particular child safety seat. This recall can be due to a number of factors. Sometimes a manufacturer's defect has been found in the seat that would make it unsafe to use or that would pose a non-crash-related hazard (e.g., it has a small part that detaches and could be ingested by a child).  Other times the recall is because information required by federal standards has been omitted from labeling on the child safety seat. Regardless of the reason for the recall, it is important to periodically check the list to see if the child safety seat you are using is included in any recall. You may access a current recall list from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the link listed below. This list is organized by make and model of the child safety seat, and also includes the date of manufacture. It will be helpful to obtain this information from the labels on your child safety seat prior to examining the NHTSA recall list. In addition to information about which child safety seats have been recalled and the reason for the recall, the list also includes what sort of action you should take in the event that your child safety seat is included on the recall list.

Thank you for making sure your that child is riding safely!