A child being held by grandpa and kissed by grandma

Inpatient Services

UnityPoint Health – Grinnell Regional Medical Center provides services to inpatients to help reduce pain and anxiety to give you the best possible care during your visit.

Understanding of the connection between reflexes and touch guided us as we launched therapies that use energy and relaxation to reduce pain and stress.

Patient Services

Massage Therapy

Patients may enjoy massage therapy services prior to surgery, prior to or after childbirth, and, as time allows, for medical and surgical patients.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are naturally forming chemicals that are extracted from different parts of plants which work as the plants defense system. These oils can be used topically or through inhalation to aid in a variety of ailments. Most of the nursing staff have knowledge through the certified aromatherapist to help fit your needs during your stay. We use inhalers for anxiety, depression, nausea and blood pressure. We use creams topically for headache discomfort, muscle cramps, general pain and respiratory issues.

Healing Touch and Energy Therapies

We have a number of staff members who have some basic knowledge of healing touch and energy work to promote integrating mind, body and spirit to improve health.

HeartMath and Guided Imagery

We have trained all employees to use HeartMath breathing techniques. HeartMath is a system designed to help rapidly develop coherence to drive new behaviors needed to achieve break-through, sustainable results for a healthier and better life. Most of our staff members have basic knowledge of guided imagery to walk you through it. Both techniques promote a relaxed state of mind and help you through anxious situations.

Room Service

Patients may choose their menu and time of meals with a room service menu. The room service menu offers breakfast options all day and a choice of main dish lunch and dinner options along with many additional side dish choices. Orders are taken between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and are delivered with 45 minutes of the order being placed.

Spiritual Care

We offer spiritual care services to ensure that patients' and caregivers' spiritual needs are identified and addressed while being served by the medical center. The medical center recognizes that spirituality is unique to every individual and, thus, spiritual care offered here is unique to every person. The care offered is non-judgmental and is not evangelistic in nature. The service is also open to family members of inpatients.

Ask your nurse to contact the volunteer chaplain or your personal faith leader.

Family Care Services

Exercise for Stress Reduction

Having a loved one in the hospital can be stressful, and some people find relief in exercise. Immediate family members of inpatients may use the Paul W. Ahrens Fitness Center at Postels Community Health Park at no cost while a loved one is admitted. This benefit is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the center is staffed.

Sometimes guests and patients need to step into a calm area to refresh and rejuvenate themselves while at the hospital. We offer several options to help guests, patients, and even staff to find relaxation and stress relief.

Healing Garden

We created the outdoor healing garden as a tranquil place to step outside and enjoy nature. The garden features a walking path with daisy tiles guiding the walker, a fountain under the gazebo, several bronze sculptures and benches for resting.

Meditation Room

The Mitchell Meditation Room is located on the second floor near the nurse's station. It is our hope that the room will help people find the strength or contentment they need when managing whatever brings them to us, whether it is a life-threatening illness or the birth of a child. We invite everyone to come and see this tranquil area.

Bird Aviary

The bird aviary brings smiles to faces as the ten different birds complete their daily activities for all to enjoy. The aviary is located in the waiting area near the emergency department and radiology department.

Art Therapy

We enjoy a wonderful reputation for our art and the healing power of art. The art program recognizes the link between art and modern healthcare environments. We have a large permanent collection as well as a gallery exhibit and a display case exhibit, which rotate frequently.