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High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic at Trinity Cancer Center

Fort Dodge High-risk Breast Cancer Center

New Clinic Offers Women Peace of Mind

The High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic at Trinity Cancer Center offers peace of mind for women at risk for breast cancer. The clinic is staffed by experienced, compassionate experts who provide customized recommendations for prevention and monitoring for patients at increased risk. If you are at greater than normal risk for developing breast cancer, we can help. At the clinic, you will be provided an individual assessment, recommendations for prevention and innovative breast cancer care, all close to home!

High-risk Breast Cancer Center Infographic

Factors that can increase a women's risk of developing breast cancer include:

  • age (four out of five breast cancers diagnosed are in women over 50);
  • family history (mother, daughter, sister had breast cancer, particularly before menopause or a father/brother with breast cancer);
  • certain breast changes (diagnosis of atypical hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma in situ);
  • menstrual period beginning at an early age;
  • going through menopause at a late age; and
  • having no children, or having your first pregnancy after age 30.

To learn more about your risk for developing breast cancer, take the on-line Breast Cancer Risk Assessment.

A physician referral is required for an appointment at the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic, call 515-574-8302 for more information.