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Trauma, whether it be intentional or unintentional, is consistently one of the leading causes of death. Traumatic injuries are categorized as any physical injury that is caused by an external mechanism. Not every emergency department can handle every trauma. A trauma center is more than an emergency department offering a state-verified hospital facility capable of highly specialized treatment for the most critical injuries. Based in a hospital, a trauma center has dedicated considerable time, equipment and facilities to the care of severely injured patients. Nurses, physicians and ancillary hospital personnel are highly-skilled and trained in the emergency and trauma treatment of these patients.

Trauma centers are usually located within the emergency department. Trauma centers handle the extreme cases where there is an issue of immediate survival. Highly-specialized surgeons work with the most advanced equipment to increase the likelihood of survival in the patients that are sent there. The word “trauma” best describes what brings people to these centers as they are equipped to handle life-threatening and critical injuries such as gun shot wounds, traumatic car crash injuries or blunt trauma. 

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ER vs Trauma Center: What's the Difference?

Paramedics often make a decision where the injured should be taken after evaluating the incident. Learn why some patients are taken to the emergency department while others need trauma center care. 
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