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Concussion Center at UnityPoint Clinic

Your Trusted Source for Comprehensive Concussion Care

The Concussion Center provides appropriate and timely care of concussions and post-concussive care for children, adolescents and adults. Our comprehensive care is based on the most current, evidence-based brain injury research. We believe patients benefit the most from a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to treatment and recovery. With proper concussion management, individuals of all ages should be able to fully recover and return to life, school, play and work without permanent difficulties.

Request an appointment or call (515) 251-3880 to learn more about the Concussion Center and our services.

Center Highlights and Services

  • Physical, musculoskeletal, vestibular/occulomotor and neuropsychological post-injury evaluation with interdisciplinary care coordination.
  • Development and coordination of Return-to-Learn and Return-to-Play protocols.
  • Baseline testing for individuals, schools, and teams directed by neuropsychologist and ATC.
  • Advanced neurovestibular, cervical, oculomotor, and exertional assessment, and rehabilitation approaches.
  • Biofeedback and behavioral sleep medicine interventions to facilitate recovery.
  • Facilitation of return to work, school, and sport with individualized care plans.
  • Coordination of care with employer, athletic trainer, primary care provider, and allied health care professionals.
  • Consultation and education for allied health care professionals.

Interdisciplinary Team Approach

The Concussion Center is designed to provide comprehensive concussion care in location, led by experts with advanced training in the evaluation and treatment of concussions. Our on-site team includes:

  • Primary care sports medicine
  • Sports and developmental neuropsychology
  • Physical therapy
  • Athletic training
  • Speech-language pathology

It Takes a Team

When managed properly, most individuals of all ages recover from a concussion within a few weeks. However, some individuals take much longer to recover, either because of persistent symptoms that require more specialized evaluation and management or because of pre-injury risk factors that worsen and prolong the effects of the concussion.

Concussions involve a variety of symptoms and parts of the body, and the effects are different for each individual. This makes it particularly difficult for any one medical or educational specialist to appropriately evaluate the injury effects of a concussion. The Concussion Center brings together a team of professionals who work collaboratively to provide interdisciplinary, evidence-based care to expedite an individuals return to school, work, and play as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Program Goals

  • Provide the highest level of evidence-based service to children, adolescents and adults with concussions.
  • Facilitate the return to learn, work and play as quickly and as safely as possible.
  • Develop and promote a coordinated network of related care providers within and outside of our region to serve all Iowans.
  • Cultivate opportunities to promote athlete brain health, focusing on overall physical and cognitive health and injury mitigation and prevention. 
  • Improve the general knowledge in the medical, educational and athletic communities regarding the specific treatment and needs of individuals with a concussion.