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Our Leadership

Kari Winklepleck, President


As president, Winklepleck will oversee the operations of the Foundation and the Children's Miracle Network at UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's. Her eighteen years of experience in fundraising will allow for a seamless transition into her new role as she works to generate philanthropic support for various areas and service lines.

Winklepleck holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy from Bay Path University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications from Morningside University.

"I am honored to have been chosen as the new President of the Foundation," says Winklepleck. "This community has an infectious spirit of generosity and support for its fellow people. I look forward to serving in this role and harnessing that spirit to provide high-quality health care for the people of Siouxland."

Kari Winklepleck

(712) 279-3903

Stacey Selk, Director of Children's Miracle Network


Excited to be brand new to the Siouxland area, it has become very apparent to Stacey that this community rallies around and supports one another. "When you start a career in the healthcare field at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, you discover quickly what it truly means to be part of an organization that not only works tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community, but also rallies to make sure all team members are supported.", says Stacey.

After spending the last four years in the nonprofit sector focusing on business development, marketing and fundraising, Stacey feels right at home in her new role. Philanthropy is a place where she can really make a difference and see her efforts making an impact on the world. She says her passion and heart are her driving force in life and has found something she loves doing that doesn't feel like work to her.

Stacey understands what serving the community truly means and wants nothing more than to show her donors how they have the power to change lives and make a difference. "My passion is relationship building and connecting grateful donors to a worthwhile cause. I am thrilled to get to know the area businesses and community members and continue my career in the nonprofit arena!"

Stacey Selk

(712) 279-3295

Elizabeth Rol, Development Specialist


Elizabeth feels that she chose the right organization to work for every day that she comes to work at UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's. She has grown so accustomed to the culture, and even more comfortable with the team that she works with, that it's hard for her to imagine life before working here.

She loves showing the community members that they matter and are valued. Getting out into the community and making connections with local members and businesses is a perk that Elizabeth enjoys. "I am just so 'wowed' by the feeling that I get working for the UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Foundation."

Born and raised in Sioux City, Elizabeth is committed to serving a community that has continually fostered her growth as a citizen and valued community member, and plans to use her skills, talents, and passions to make Sioux City a better place for ALL of its community members. "Having the opportunity to give back to my community through the St. Luke's Foundation is going to be an honor; one that I am eager and willing to take on head first." 

"If there is anything in life you should invest in, whether it be financially, physically, or emotionally, it should be the healthcare system." Life is never promised, and you never know when you or a loved one might need the care or support from UnityPoint Health. That is why Elizabeth is making it her mission to support the St. Luke's Foundation in every facet that she can.

Elizabeth Rol

(712) 279-3902

Allison Delperdang, Development & Communication Specialist


"To say I am Siouxland Proud would be an understatement," says Allison, a Siouxland native, graduate of two local institutions and a representative of the community through various honors. Allison continues to be amazed everyday by the support throughout the Siouxland area and feels her career in development and philanthropy allows her to pursue a purpose-driven life. Each day she chooses to work for a greater cause and is pushed to put her own priorities into perspective.

Starting a career in healthcare, during the COVID-19 pandemic is something Allison says she will never forget, "Every day since joining this team I have been 'wow-ed' by the around-the-clock efforts to keep our internal teams and the rest of the Siouxland community healthy and rest assured."

Allison enjoys her close knit Siouxland community and feels she never truly meets a stranger, there is always a connection to be made for a greater cause. This is something she hopes our donors feel as well, their gifts and impacts always hit close to home.

Supporting St. Luke's is meaningful to Allison because she recognizes that there isn't an individual, family or community that does not rely on healthcare teams and services at some point in their lives. The best part Allison says, "All funds raised in the Siouxland area are given back directly to our local community in various ways. With this said, it's important to remember that even the smallest of gifts can foster a large difference."

Allison Delperdang

(712) 279-3960

Lacy Abbott, Grant Coordinator


With more than ten years of experience in the non-profit industry, Lacy loves that her role gives her the opportunity to give back to the areas in which she is most passionate about. "I get the unique ability to put myself in other's shoes and learn empathy and compassion firsthand," says Lacy.

Networking and meeting new and diverse people is Lacy's favorite part of her job. Learning about other people's background, interests, and passions has always been of interest to her. Lacy says, "I like to hear the 'why' and the stories behind the donations to better understand areas that are most important for an individual to make a difference in."

When Lacy isn't coaching her son's little league games, she is busy doing a variety of volunteer activities in the Siouxland community, one of her favorites' being serving on the Junior League of Sioux City Board of Directors.

Lacy Abbott

(712) 279-3917

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Foundation Board:

  • Tasha Barker - Chairperson
  • Emily Mills - Vice Chairperson
  • Jennifer Letch - Treasurer
  • Mike Crone - Immediate Past Chair
  • Kris Craighead
  • Tiffany Hunt
  • Katie Kruse
  • Juliana Mayne
  • Josh Sherer