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Our Cancer Care Team: Serving the Quad Cities, Serving You

As a leader in cancer care within the Quad Cities, Trinity Cancer Center provides you with comprehensive and personalized cancer care from a team of medical experts. Trinity's cancer care team includes hematology/oncology physicians, radiation oncologists and oncology surgeons who collaborate with your family physician in providing a treatment plan that is right for you. For more information or to find one of our cancer team doctors within the Quad Cities, visit Find a Doctor.

Trinity also offers a Breast Care Coordinator to our cancer patients and their families who serve as a more compassionate and intimate resource. Learn more about these unique partners in cancer care.

Meet Your Multi-Disciplinary Cancer Care Team

Your doctors will work closely with our highly-skilled and caring staff who have extensive experience to meet your cancer care needs. Trinity's cancer team of experts includes the following:

  • Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN®) 

    Nurses who have demonstrated their in-depth knowledge of cancer care through experience, education and examination. Clearly, they are committed to caring for people with cancer.
  • Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (AOCN®) 

    A Master prepared nurse who has successfully completed the Oncology Nursing Society's advanced certification examination. This nurse assists people with cancer from diagnosis through survivorship.
  • Breast Care Coordinator 

    Breast Care Coordinators improve patient preparedness for treatment by providing education and psychosocial support. On an individual basis they will assess patients, offer assistance with scheduling follow-up visits, call patients with diagnostic results, coordinate results and biopsies with physician offices and explain the treatment plan. They can also assist with health literacy, cultural barriers, second opinions, support services, physician and financial needs, prosthesis, wigs, home care and health insurance. 
  • Cancer Registrars 

    Registrars oversee, manage, organize and maintain the cancer registry with a computerized data system in accordance with American College of Surgeons standards. 
  • Physicians 

    Doctors who specialize in oncology and study, diagnose and treat cancer with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Dosimetrists 

    Dosimetrists carefully calculate the dose of radiation and develop the treatment plan that can best destroy the tumor while sparing the normal tissues. They have extensive training and work with the radiation oncologists and physicist.
  • Radiation Therapists 

    Radiation Therapists administer the daily radiation treatment, having specialized education and certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. They maintain daily records on each patient and regularly check the treatment machines to make sure they are working properly. 
  • Physicist 

    Educated in clinical physics and certified by the American Board of Medical Physics, the physicist assists in development and delivery of the personalized radiation treatment plan. The physicist regularly does safety tests taking precise measurements of radiation beam characteristics.
  • Dietitians 

    Dietitians are registered through the American Dietetic Association and work with people with cancer to help maintain nutrition. They monitor the patient's weight and assess and intervene with strategies to improve nutritional status before, during and after treatment. Visit our Dietitian and Nutrition Services page for more information.
  • Social Workers 

    Social workers have specialized education to provide practical help to cancer patients and their families. They may help arrange for home health care and other services or assist the family in coping with the disease. 
  • Oncology Clinical Pharmacist 

    This pharmacist has advanced education and training dedicated to the achievement of optimal drug therapy for people with cancer. Helping the oncology team to assess cost-impact, standardize the use of oncology medications and propose and implement strategies to minimize practice variations within evidence-based treatment guidelines is a major part of this role.
  • Office Coordinators 

    They are often the first contact for people with cancer who are seeking treatment at Trinity. Office coordinators are responsible for the efficient operation of the reception area and prepare medical records and paperwork for each scheduled appointment. 
  • Chaplains 

    Hospital-based chaplains provide services that meet the spiritual needs of people with cancer and their loved ones. For more information, visit our Spiritual Services page. 
  • Lymphedema Specialists 

    They are educated and trained as occupational therapists with additional training in lymphedema management. They provide lymphedema evaluations, education and therapy.
  • Hospice Physician and Nurses 

    The hospice service intervenes with patients with a limited life expectancy or who are no longer receiving curative treatment. Learn more about hospice services at our UnityPoint at Home page.
  • Genetic Counselor 

    The genetic counselor is a nurse practitioner with advanced training in cancer genetics and genetic counseling. By mapping a cancer genetic risk assessment, inherited tendencies can be tracked with recommendations for testing as appropriate. 
  • Rehabilitation Specialists 

    Educated and trained as physical therapists, the rehabilitation specialists have additional training in cancer exercise intervention programs. With their expertise in exercise/fitness, patients with cancer can improve their quality of life throughout the course of their disease. Visit our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation page for more information.
  • Pain Management Specialists 

    Members of this specialty service are physicians with extensive education and experience in treating cancer-related pain. They often intervene with those who need chronic pain management. For more information on managing pain, visit our Pain Management Center page.