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Cancer Treatment Options in Quad Cities, IA & IL

Get top-quality cancer treatments close to home. At UnityPoint Health – Trinity, we offer comprehensive treatment for many types of cancer. Options include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Our oncology specialists use intricate surgical techniques and advanced therapies, such as brachytherapy for prostate and breast cancers. Our cancer doctors specialize in treating breast, colon, lung and prostate cancers.

Coordinated, Convenient Cancer Treatment in the Quad Cities

At Trinity Cancer Center in Moline, you have access to trusted cancer specialists and advanced cancer treatments in one convenient location. Our integrated breast cancer program makes it easy for you to receive the breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment services you need. Learn more about breast cancer.

Our specialists meet often to coordinate your care and personalize a treatment plan to your needs. Based on the specifics of your care, your specialist may recommend any combination of surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Surgical oncology (cancer surgery)

Surgery is an effective treatment for many types of cancer. Surgery to remove a tumor (cancerous tissue) may be the first treatment your doctor recommends. Our surgical team has performed thousands of cancer surgeries using traditional (open) and minimally invasive techniques. We will recommend a surgical approach that fits your needs.

Minimally invasive surgery may be laparoscopic (a surgeon uses sophisticated instruments and tiny incisions) or robotic (a robot guides a surgeon's movements). Minimally invasive cancer surgery offers multiple potential benefits, including less pain after surgery and a faster recovery.

Learn more about cancer surgery.

Chemotherapy treatments

Chemotherapy treatments are medications that target and destroy cancer cells. As a systemic treatment, chemotherapy can affect both cancerous and healthy tissues throughout your body. Chemotherapy comes in different forms, such as pills, injections and infusions (through an IV). Our care team will recommend systemic therapies that are best suited for your circumstances which can also include hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted drugs.

At Trinity Cancer Center in Moline, you can receive the latest chemotherapy treatments in a calming environment. Our 13 infusion stations feature massage and heated chairs for your comfort. The center also provides plenty of space and seating, so family or friends can more easily support you through treatment.  

Find out more about chemotherapy.

Radiation treatments for cancer

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation such as X-rays to damage the DNA of cancer cells. Radiation stops cancer cells from growing and dividing. We use radiation therapy to treat many types of cancer. At UnityPoint Health – Trinity, you have access to advanced radiation therapies, including treatments not widely available in this area.

Trinity Cancer Center was the first hospital within 90 miles of Quad Cities to offer TrueBeam® radiotherapy technology. This treatment offers pinpoint accuracy for maximum treatment benefit. Most treatments last only a few minutes, providing you added flexibility.

For brachytherapy, your doctor carefully places radioactive seeds directly into or next to a cancerous tumor. This approach destroys cancer cells while damaging less healthy tissue, offering the potential for fewer side effects.

Learn more about radiation therapy.

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Connect with a member of our trusted cancer team, easily. Find a doctor or call 309-779-4940 to speak with one of our cancer specialists.