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Community Support Program

From the beginning of mental institutions, to the development of the community mental health movement 40 years ago, services for people with psychiatric disabilities have progressed into an age of recovery with consumer-driven approaches.

UnityPoint Health – Trinity, the state of Illinois, the City of Rock Island and the Development Association of Rock Island formed a unique partnership with the Robert Young Center to create one of the more innovative community support programs in the nation.

The cornerstone of the Community Support Program (CSP) in downtown Rock Island, Illinois, is District 22, a fresh perspective to the clubhouse model. 

Who Can Benefit from the CSP Program?

The people we serve in our Community Support Program are citizens who have diagnoses such as schizophrenia and manic-depressive disorders. Currently, there are more than 400 people in the program, ranging in age from 16-80. 

Many of our patients were formerly treated at East Moline Mental Health Center, Galesburg Research Hospital and Zeller Mental Health Center in Peoria. CSP helps those with severe and persistent mental illness stay out of costly mental health institutions while allowing them to experience a better quality of life in their home community. 

In addition to being a better service for the population and the patients receiving our services, Illinois taxpayers save an average of $60,000 per year, per consumer.

CSP Services

The following services assist consumers in recovery:

  • Daily living skills training
  • Social skills training
  • Vocational skills training
  • Medication monitoring
  • Money management
  • After-care counseling
  • Drop-in center
  • Supported employment
  • Intensive case management
  • 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Patient advocacy

Case Management 

People participating in the Community Support Program have a mental illness and deficits in daily living skills. Because of these circumstances, and the potential for these illnesses to have debilitating effects on daily life, each person is assigned a case management team to work with them and their family to develop an individualized treatment plan. 

The treatment plan is developed through a process of identifying the person's goals and then determining the skills and resources necessary to reach them. Caseworkers assist individuals in providing assistance in navigating various entitlement programs, accessing medical and dental care, working with landlords, providing individual counseling, organizing daily chores and other activities associated with living in the community.

Our case management staff are highly qualified to work with mental health care and serve as excellent resources and systems of support for our patients and their families.

Consumer Advisory Council 

A consumer advisory council is for planning activities and offering a mentoring program for new CSP members. The council seeks to involve family members as often as possible so that we can develop the most comprehensive and helpful activities for the people we serve.

We welcome any suggestions and are always looking to expand our group of supporters. By working together, we can help take the stigma out of mental illness, and help our patients get back on the path towards living a healthy and fulfilling life.

District 22

District 22 is a place to socialize and take full advantage of an advanced entertainment complex that has been designed for its members. 

District 22 is highlighted by a beautiful, alcohol-free grill and pub containing a piano, antique popcorn machine, and a handcrafted cherry wood bar. Adjoining the club is a high-tech, stadium style, surround-sound theater that seats nearly 40 people. District 22 also has a dedicated billiard room and a dining room that serves double duty as a dance hall with a superior sound system of its own.

District 22 hosts a variety of leisure activities to assist in the development of interpersonal skills and is designed to promote aspects of daily life. The main floor laundry and shower areas offer opportunities to reinforce interpersonal and social skills, while a computer lab assists in the building of internet skills. Current magazines and newspapers are available in a library. Weekend events are also planned.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

A major component in the treatment of individuals with psychiatric disabilities is the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program, providing groups to teach daily living skills, social skills and communication. Many times, the road to recovery from a mental illness can result in feelings of isolation or a lack of confidence, making it even more challenging to go about living an average lifestyle.

The goal with the rehabilitation programs offered through Robert Young Center is to improve community integration and to prepare the individual to live, learn, work and socialize in the environments of their choice, with the least amount of professional intervention possible.

Representative Payee Services

The program manages the monthly incomes of nearly 180 individuals to help develop financial management skills that are necessary for independent living. In addition to paying all monthly bills, staff assists consumers in developing budgets to ensure all of their needs are met.

Due to long-term illnesses, many of the consumers lack budgeting skills and without these services, would be vulnerable to homelessness, not having enough food for the month or having to go without essential items that are necessary for survival.

Our staff not only provide administrative financial support to our consumers but also take an educational approach, explaining financial expectations and limitations in a productive and informative manner.