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UnityPoint Clinic - Express (Marshalltown)

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Your Room

Your room is designed with your comforts in mind. Each room has bathroom facilities, a television and telephone.

A handheld nurse call light is located at your bedside and each restroom. When pushed, your call is acknowledged and your nurse is notified. You may also control your room lighting and television from your handheld call light, or your bed rail. Ask your nurse to show you how to use the controls.

Showers are available, your nurse will assist you when medically able to go to the shower. Nurses will offer a comfort bath to all patients daily.

Your bed is electrically operated and can be controlled from the buttons on the side rails.

Identification Bands

When admitted, you received an identification band to wear around your wrist. Please wear it at all times. You may receive multiple bands. They are for your safety and allow hospital personnel to identify you and your individual care needs.

Hospital Gown

If you would like to wear your own sleepwear instead of a hospital gown, that's OK in most instances. However, please wear a hospital gown for all tests, examinations or procedures. Large-sized gowns are available.

Your Meals

Choose your daily meals from a menu distributed on your breakfast tray. If you have special dietary needs, one of our dietitians may visit during your stay to assist with nutritional care.

To order from your menu, simply circle the items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please remember these selections are for the following day. You may leave your completed menu on your tray, or a member of the dietary staff will stop by and collect it in the afternoon. Please note your menu selections may be changed due to diet restrictions ordered by your physicians.

If you desire menu choices not offered on the selective menu, we'd be happy to offer you our "Or You May Prefer" menu, which contains a variety of traditional favorites available every day. Ask a member of the food service team for a copy of this menu.

Guest Meals

Your family members or friends may wish to dine with you bedside. A daily menu is offered at a nominal cost. Check with your nurse to make an order.


Do not keep medications at your bedside, including over-the-counter products. (There may be exceptions to this, ask your nurse for clarification). For safety, we encourage you to send any medications home with your family. If this is not possible, your nurse will store your medications, prescribed and otherwise, in a locked container outside your room. When you are released from the hospital, your nurse will review discharge instructions for medications with you.

Make sure your doctors know about every medicine you are taking (including herbal supplements and over-the-counter medications). Inform hospital staff of any allergies and adverse reactions you have to medicines. Ask for information about your medicines in terms you can understand before you receive them. Also, ask your nurse immediately if you have questions about the medications you're given.

Free Wireless Available

Connect to the "MMSC-Public" network (if you have issues, make sure "DHCP" is enabled). Then, open your web browser. Enjoy – with no passwords, fees or limits!

Internet & Email Stations

Four internet/email stations are available throughout the hospital for our patients and their families:

  • Med/Surg Unit – 2nd floor
  • Family Room – 1st Floor
  • ICU Family Room
  • Women's Care Center
  • Family Room


Depending on your location, the TV in your room is controlled by your handheld call light or handheld remote. If your TV is not working properly, please advise a team member. The patient education channel is 79, and see the channel guide located in your patient handbook for Health Education Programs.

Channel   Station Channel   Station
2 KGAN (CBS) 39 Disney
3 WGN America 40 FS Midwest
4 QVC 41 Univision
5 WOI (ABC) 42 AMC
6 KDSM (FOX) 43 truTV
7 KWWL (NBC) 44 FOX News
8 KCCI (CBS) 45 History Channel
9 KCRG (ABC) 46 Discovery Channel
10 KFPX (ION) 47 TNT
11 KDIN (IPTV) 48 VH1
12 KDAO Marshalltown 49 Comedy Central
13 WHO (NBC) 50 TLC
14 Local Access 57 BET
15 HSN 58 A&E
17 KCWI 59 Big Ten Network
19 C-SPAN 60 Telefutura
20 KDMI 61 TV Land
22 Mediacom Connections 62 Animal Planet
24 Nickelodeon 64 ShopNBC
25 USA 65 CNN
26 The Weather Channel 66 Hallmark Channel
27 FX 67 HGTV
28 Spike 68 Food Network
29 Lifetime 69 Travel Channel
30 Headline News 70 SOAPNet
31 Cartoon Network 71 SyFy
32 ABC Family 72 Bravo
34 ESPN Classic 74 Speed
35 ESPN 75 Telemundo
36 ESPN 2 76 CMT
37 CNBC 77 E!
38 WE 78 RFD-TV