Baby Billboard Schedule

Emergency Department

202 S. Park St.
Madison, WI 53715

6 min Average

Baby Billboard 

Join us in welcoming our newest patients! 

To help celebrate your growing family, if your baby has a Meriter primary care physician, your baby can be featured on the Baby Billboard located between the West Broadway and Rimrock Road exits on the beltline.


Baby Billboard Schedule

We will update the schedule weekly for the date your baby will be featured on the billboard. If your baby's name is not listed below, then please check back again the following week. Generally, your baby's picture will be rotated through the billboard for one day about two weeks after birth. Please note we cannot promise an exact time your baby will be featured.

The schedule for 4/20 - 4/26 includes:

  • Hudson & Imagine - 4/20
  • Joel & Kawai - 4/21
  • Lily & Louise - 4/22
  • Lucia & Madelyn - 4/23
  • Maggie G., & Matt - 4/24
  • Montell & Queen - 4/25
  • Shalom & William - 4/26
Thank you for letting us share your exciting news!

Photos taken by Serendipity Photo Studio.