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John Stoddard Cancer Center
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When you make a gift to our foundation, you support programs and initiatives that allow us to improve the health and wellness of the people and communities we serve. Our priority initiatives include the areas of greatest need for our patients, ensuring that your gift can make the most significant impact on those we serve. Learn more about these initiatives and how you can support them.

Oncology Navigators

The Oncology Navigation team connects patients and their families with resources within the Cancer Center, at UnityPoint Health, and in the community. Their goal is to educate and support patients and families throughout the cancer journey. The team is staffed by oncology certified nurses and social worker. This program is provided free of charge and not reimbursed through insurance, so it relies heavily on philanthropy and is only made possible because of the generosity of others.

Support the Oncology Navigators

Charlie Cutler Healing and Wellness Program

The Charlie Cutler Healing and Wellness program supports patients and caregivers by providing tools to approach each day with renewed energy, hope and focus. It was built on the premise that alongside conventional medicine, there is great power in complementary therapies that support the mind, body and spirit.

Give to The Charlie Cutler Healing and Wellness Program

Empower Boutique & Salon

In 2020 a new boutique salon opened in support of cancer patients of all ages. Cancer patients often experience changes in their appearance due to treatments or surgery. EMPOWER will help address this challenge by offering products and services that meet the unique needs of cancer patients, free of charge. Services include: head shaving, haircuts, shampoo, skin care. Items available at a reduced cost or free include: head scarves, hats, turbans. This service is provided by philanthropy.

Give to the Empower Boutique & Salon

It Takes You

John Stoddard Cancer Center has launched It Takes You, a comprehensive fundraising campaign. The campaign will invest $18 million into the cancer center over the next three years with a community fundraising goal of $6 million to support critical elements of treatment beyond medical expenses. The It Takes You campaign will ensure Central Iowa has access to the most technologically advanced cancer treatment.

Learn More About It Takes You

Pink Days Free Mammogram Program

John Stoddard Cancer Center provides free mammograms to uninsured and underinsured women who meet the eligibility guidelines of being over the age of 40 and income at or below 250% of the federal poverty income level. This includes follow-up diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasounds. Women who require testing and treatment beyond what is available through this program will be served through the Iowa Care For Yourself program.

Give to the Pink Days Free Mammogram Program

Compassion Fund

The Compassion Fund provides support to patients and families beyond what the hospital can provide. Assistance is based on financial need and responds to the unique needs of patients and families. Examples include: gas cards for travel to appointments, Uber rides, lodging, small equipment, and one-time prescriptions. This assistance provides peace of mind and helps reduce stress on patients and families during a challenging time.

Give to the Compassion Fund

Accelerating Our Impact

The greatest and most exciting opportunities do not typically happen according to schedule. Gifts designated to the Area of Greatest Need provide John Stoddard Cancer Center leaders with the versatility to allocate resources where and when they are needed most. Similar gifts have helped purchase state-of-the-art equipment and technology, improved our physical campus and supported community projects.

When you give to UnityPoint Health and designate your support to the area of greatest need, your unrestricted gift is instrumental in helping us provide the high-quality care that our patients have come to expect while allowing us to react quickly to the emerging needs of health care.