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John Stoddard Cancer Center

John Stoddard Cancer Center

Starting with a generous gift in 1990, John Stoddard’s legacy of hope and compassion lives on. 

At John Stoddard Cancer Center we know, while cancer is a big part of someone’s life, it isn’t their entire life. There are still birthday parties, children’s sporting events, work duties, grocery store runs, holidays, vacations and spending important time with those you love. This is why, in addition to providing the best clinical treatment possible, with the help of our donors, the team at Stoddard also provides programs and services to support patients – and their loved ones – throughout their cancer journey and beyond to help them live their best lives possible.

Your support keeps John Stoddard’s vision alive and builds upon it. Thirty years ago, the cancer center started with a gift, and it’s only through the generosity of others that we’ll be able to grow with the needs of our community.

When you support the Stoddard Cancer Center, you join our extensive team of experts and volunteers in walking beside patients to help them heal and thrive.

John Stoddard Cancer Center Foundation Leadership