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Prostate Cancer Program

The prostate cancer coordinator facilitates a multidisciplinary prostate cancer conference once a month with Dr. Carl Meyer, urologist with The Iowa Clinic and Dr. John Triantafyllos, Stoddard radiation oncologist. The purpose of this conference is to discuss the best treatment plan for Stoddard's prostate cancer patients. The team is composed of physicians, social workers, psychologists, radiologists, dieticians and nurses. The goal of the multidisciplinary team approach is to provide a higher standard of care for Stoddard's patients.

  • Oncology Nurse Navigators who provide education, guidance and support throughout each patient's journey and help access resources at Stoddard and in the community.
  • Support Services including social workers, psychologists, chaplains, and dietitians.
  • Survivorship Program to provide patients with the needed support following treatment. Our program focuses on the health and life of a person with cancer beyond the diagnosis and treatment phases.
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones. 


The John Stoddard Cancer Center uses the most advanced technology for cancer surgery. Referred to by many as robotic surgery for prostate cancer, da Vinci Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive cancer surgery that allows a surgeon to use a special console with hand and foot controls to manipulate tiny robotic arms and an endoscope (a 3-D camera eye) to perform intricate surgical procedures that are beyond the current limitation of human performance. The da Vinci Prostatectomy translates the surgeon's natural hand, wrist and finger movements at the control console into corresponding micro-movements of the instrument tips, which are positioned inside the patient through small incisions. Wide ranges of instruments are available to perform different types of procedures. Click on the link below to learn more about da Vinci Prostatectomy or to find da Vinci trained surgeon in the area.

Prostate Surgery with da Vinci