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On the Horizon of Oncology Care: Updates and Current Treatment in 2017

Dedication to a higher standard of cancer treatment demands a comprehensive regional treatment facility. The John Stoddard Cancer Center pulls together all facets of cancer care and treatment - dedicated professionals, educational programs, innovative technology and services necessary to provide effective treatment and continue leading the fight. It is important that all cancer patients receive the best care possible from the healthcare professionals who care for them. 

We are pleased that you are taking this opportunity to enhance your knowledge base and skill level and will join us in the fight against cancer - after all,  we're in this fight together.  To learn more about the services and treatment options offered at the John Stoddard cancer center, visit johnstoddardcancer.org.

Our 2017 Oncology Nursing Conference will be held November 2 and 3. 

Speaker Presentations:

Effects of Chemotherapy on Brain Function

Sexual History Taking

Generational Differences in Healthcare

Updates in Sepsis Diagnosis and Management

Beyond Diagnosis: Supporting Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Biomarker Testing in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Putting Guidance into Practice

Distress Management

Renal Cell Carcinoma


Palliative Care - Providing a Sense of Worth in the Advanced Disease Setting

Pediatric Hematologic Disorders - Sickle Cell Anemia

What's So Different? Working with AYA patients

Ostomy Management