Edra Fouts, RN, OCN, CBCN
UnityPoint Health - John Stoddard Cancer Center

Oncology Navigation Team: Edra Fouts, RN, OCN, CBCN

Edra has been with Stoddard since January of 2008 and has more than 35 years of experience in nursing. Prior to coming to Stoddard, she was a staff nurse for The Iowa Clinic General Surgery office in Des Moines. In 2009, Edra was named a recipient of the Iowa Hospital Heroes Award that is given out annually by the Iowa Hospital Association. At Stoddard,  Edra specializes in the care of breast cancer patients and is a Certified Breast Care Nurse (CBCN). She also facilitates the breast cancer multidisciplinary team conference, Life Beyond Breast Cancer and Advance or Recurrent Cancer Support Group.

"My role is to support cancer patients and their loved ones while helping to oversee the care they receive from diagnosis to treatment and beyond," says Edra. "We assess patient needs and implement quality improvement initiatives and referrals by involving multidisciplinary team members. Together, we support the patient throughout their journey, shoulder to shoulder, and instill a sense of hope and encouragement."

Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team

Edra facilitates a multidisciplinary breast cancer conference twice a month with Dr. Daniel Kollmorgen, Surgical Oncologist. The purpose of this conference is to discuss the best treatment plan for Stoddard's breast cancer patients. The team is composed of physicians, social workers, psychologists, radiologists, dietician, and nurses. The goal of the multidisciplinary team approach is to provide a higher standard of care for Stoddard's patients.